SmartClass HUB Online Training Sessions

How it works

School training coordinator

Every school chooses the school training coordinator.

Training schedule

Before the first meeting, the FIXED schedule for the whole
training process is scheduled with the school training coordinator.


Registering teachers

The school training coordinator registers all attending teachers.

Teachers receive the online connection link

Connecting with the trainer the scheduled time, using collaboration tools as sharing screen, audio, video, chat.

Additional resources

Session is recorded

Every online session is recorded and the link shared with all attendees.


Practical assignments for teachers

Teachers presenting the experience to the groups, share materials and collaborate.

Training 1 / Familiarization and Class Set-up (1.5 hr)

In Training 1, you will learn what sets SmartClass apart from other platforms, about the SmartClass HUB with its variety of activity templates, how to create classes, and register your students.

For this reason, it is important that in preparation for the first training that you have successfully logged into the HUB using your school server information and your personal log-in credentials.


Since the training includes time for guided practice, it is also important that you attend with your own computer and a student roster to set up your first class.

10 minutes before the scheduled session you will receive the ONLINE connection link. You can be connected from your own computer – from anywhere.

Training Content

Modeling (45 min)

Starting by showing an example of all of the Quiz, auto-graded activities already available in the platform. Moving into non-auto-graded activities and show how they can be used.

Guided Practice (30 min)

Now it’s your chance to make this real. Let’s go into the HUB together to do some basic setup and see how easy it is to get started with your class.

Application / Reflection (5 min)

Wrap Up (2 min)

Homework is to set up all classes and courses.
The expectation is that Training 2 and 3 has to happen before teachers should plan to use SC in the classroom.

Training 2A / SC Content (1hr)

 This session is about your experience so far and any questions you have in addition to a deeper discussion of SC Content.


We are going to dive into the structure of the SC content and the connection to the HUB.

Training 2B / Content Development (1hr)

This session is about your experience so far and any questions you have in addition to a deeper discussion of how to create your own content.


With SmartClass HUB you can create your own interactive activities.

There are altogether 6 categories with different activity templates. The categories are Preview, Writing, Quizzes, Speaking, Video, and Pronunciation.

Training 3 / Student-focused Session Student How-To (1 hr)

This session is about your experience so far and any questions you have in addition to a discussion on how to support your students.

You have done the setup of activities, but now you need to equip your students with training on how to complete different activity types, so they can be successful.

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